Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation | Calgary Children's Photographer02.24.12

After completing the images for gala, I then received a call from the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation to commission Tot Shots for an important media event that week.  Trican Well Services was donating $5,000,000 to the foundation (the largest gift ever received by the Oncology department) as well as the doctor (and his team) that had been showcased at the Gala had received the world first clinical trial for a new treatment for children with severe intestinal failure.  HUGE day at the hospital and I was so proud to get to help.  With this being two weeks before we were to move, it was a little tight so I did the shoot and Jess edited the images for me.  I do have to say that the team at the foundation is an amazing group.  They truly put their hearts into their jobs.  I was a bit concerned when I started tearing up, during one of the mom’s speeches at the press conference, that I was not being very professional.  I apologized after only to have them say that they have been told that if these things don’t move you, then you should not be here.  We are SOOOOO fortunate to have such a wonderful facility and their team right here in Calgary.  I was so truly honoured to be able to capture the images for them.



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