Adorable 3 month old – Calgary Baby Photographer08.14.09

This final “Comment for the Cure” post is going out a little late today. I got distracted taking my children to the Science Centre this morning (always a favourite place to go!). I wanted to give mom and dad of this little one a sneak peek before they head out on vacation and I wanted to give you one more opportunity to comment over the weekend. I will have another “Comment for the Cure” week in September.

This little guy is about 3 and a half months old. And although there are a lot of ages that I love, this stage is particularly near and dear to my heart. The “signature” picture that I use on the entrance to my website and on my business cards is of my son at this age. I love the interaction, the rolls, the drool, the toothless grins, finding their toes,… We ended up playing him right out and were able to capture him zonked out! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend (despite the weather that we are having in Calgary).
Calgary Baby Photographer1

So thrilled when we were able to capture the unique way he sucks his thumb!

So thrilled when we were able to capture the unique way he sucks his thumb!

Calgary Baby Photographer4Calgary Baby Photographer3Calgary Baby Photographer5Calgary Baby Photographer6Calgary Baby Photographer7

  1. Laura Cross { Aug 14, 2009 } Reply

    Awesome, can’t wait to see the rest! You have made me a believer of leaving the drool in!!Too cute.

  2. What a cutie! Jody, you did another fantastic job!

  3. I adore the drool! Great job capturing that special moment!

  4. Jody you have a wonderful talent with this beautiful baby boy, I love the wide eyes and the smile – Great Job

  5. You have absolutely captured the essence of this beautiful baby boy

  6. Jody, You did a marvelous job on capturing every little detail with this handsome baby boy. Can’t wait to see the rest! Great job.

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