A rare occasion:)| Calgary Family Photographer01.10.13

Anyone who knows me, knows I am petrified of getting in front of the camera.  I think that this is fairly typical of most photographers…and really of a lot of people:).  Despite these fears, I do recognize the importance of getting in the pictures so I will force a picture with the kids and I every so often.  I did try to book a family session this year but due to our travel schedules, we were not able to make it work.  I will be getting on this earlier this year.  I did have my husband take a quick picture prior to Christmas…we did not get dressed up or go anywhere fancy but I have a picture and more importantly my children have a picture.  They love seeing themselves with me and they don’t see all of the little things I see:).  This year, I will leave it to the professional!!

Calgary Family Photographer

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