2015 Availability05.01.15

I finally have a big chunk of my 2015 schedule figured out -YAY!! Here are the dates available in Calgary:

– Friday, May 22nd afternoon/evening

– Saturday, May 23rd afternoon/evening

– Wednesday, June 17th-Friday, June 19th flexible

– Saturday, June 20th afternoon/evening

– Friday, August 22nd flexible

– Saturday, August 23rd morning

– Friday, September 18th flexible

– Saturday, September 19th 9:00am (or earlier:) Sandy Beach

– Monday, September 21 morning

– Friday, October 16th flexible

– Saturday, October 17th flexible

– Friday, November 6 flexible

– Saturday, November 7th flexible

– Friday, December 4th flexible

– Saturday, December 5th morning/early aft

There is a possibility that I will be adding additional times in the fall. I will also be shooting a few California beach sessions so if you are down in Southern California and would like to capture some of your vacation, please let me know.

Looking forward to a fantastic rest of the year!


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