10 years!!09.03.14

I tend to kind of keep my head down and don’t think about the number of years I have been in business.  This year, thanks to a bunch of Linked In connections sending me notes of congratulations, it seems like something I should acknowledge.  August 2014 marks 10 years since I took my first paying client.  Wow!!  I can still remember back to explaining that I was an accountant, who took pictures:).  I really did not know where it was going to go.  I had just finished my MBA just months prior and was still on maternity leave with full intentions of returning to what I termed then as “my real job” as a scheduler in oil and gas. With over a 150 clients that first year, there was no going back.  Funny, that did not register though for another 4 years as I still maintained paying CMA dues (just in case:). Seriously though, I knew the statistics on the likelihood of making a small business work;).

I received the following words from an annual client this weekend that identifies exactly what I wanted when I started my business -

“Just a quick note.  We had our photo shoot in Edmonton with all the family and then individual family shots and although they were good, I just have to tell you that it really shows how amazing you are at it!  You really capture the kids personalities and work so well with the settings too and placing us all together to look connected.  Anyway, just wanted to pass that on to you.  We will for sure book with you next year!!!!”

Ten years ago, I did not know of any photographers that were capturing “personality”.  That is what I wanted to do…that was the vision that I had. I am so thankful that my vision for the company and what I wanted to bring to the table as an artist has stood the test of time. Also thankful that my biggest supporter, my husband, encouraged me and sometimes pushed me along through it:)

I am over-the-top proud of what I have accomplished through Tot Shots – meeting and capturing client memories year after year, supporting my family for many years while my husband grew a business, seeing walls of images captured over the years coming together, commercial images still being used by corporate clients, raising money for the CIBC Run for the Cure, and having a career that has fulfilled me more than I can express while still allowing me to be close to my family.  My clients allow me glimpses into their lives and their interactions with their children that has also had a major impact on how I see my family and children…I truly thank you the most for this.

This year has been one of my most successful years to date – as a creative that term of “success” encapsulates a lot of factors…financial, work/life balance and the true representation of your art (and feeling comfortable with it while still always learning and growing)…trust me it has taken me 10 years to get to that;).  As I look to the next 10 years, I see my vision continue through Tot Shots as well as new ventures through opportunities in Southern California.  I will continue to work hard for you at something that fills me completely!!  Thank you so much for the first decade of this ride and I look forward to working with you for the next decade!

I would love to go back through the 10 years and pull images of favourites but current clients are taking precedent.  So here is to the little guy who started it all:)  Sorry for the terrible iPhone picture!

calgary family photographer

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