10 Years! | Calgary Photographer07.19.10

This past week Mike and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!  Holy smokes!  I can’t even believe that it has been 10 years and then I think back to what we have done in 10 years and realize that we needed that much time to do what we have done.  It has been an amazing 10 years…no, not all blissful as we have certainly had a lot of challenges to deal with as does every couple.  But we have worked together through the good and bad times…accomplishments, new puppy (and we thought that was difficult before kids;), babies,new jobs, new houses (far too many of these and through some of the builds it was amazing that I did not strangle the anal engineer), disease, loss (which almost broke me), career change, new entrepreneurial ventures,  first stages of parenthood,…  What I learn more and more every day though is that we make each other better.  We have supported each other through a lot and we work well together.  I appreciate that he has believed in me and supported me because I am sure that my spirit and drive can be difficult to take at times but I also know that he knows it is what makes me FUN (which has always been an inside joke)!  So, here is to keeping you on your toes for another 10 but also to me helping to support your dreams!  I love you!

We went to Lake Louise this past weekend to celebrate for the first non-business related, child-free weekend since having children.  It was really nice!  I did not take a lot of pictures but thought I should have one…I happened to prefer this blown out one over the others as it washed my wrinkles away.  10 years does not  come without a few of them;)

calgary family photographer2

  1. I love you too! Thanks for the last 10+ years. Looking forward to the next decade … and then some!

  2. Congratulations Guys!

  3. Congratulations Guys! You make such a cute couple:)

  4. Sheri-Dawn { Jul 19, 2010 } Reply

    Great Picture! Congratulations! You guys make a such a beautifulo couple (inside and out).

  5. So glad you were able to get away and enjoy a special weekend together. Congratulations to you both and may the next 10yrs be filled with fun, success, love, laughter, and happy memories. All the best to you!

    PS – wrinkles? what wrinkles? Come over here and I’ll show you what wrinkles are!

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